Wilt is a new type of literary journal.  

Wilt aims to provide a platform for queer and trans* people to discuss and explore their experiences in relation to the wealth of queer literature that currently exists and the literature that they themselves produce. Wilt is released biannually with print and online editions. 

For too long, queer writing has been confined to the periphery of literary study. Even when given cultural and academic notice, queer literature is read almost exclusively in relation to prosaic narratives that essentialise queer lives into sex and suffering. Wilt understands that queer authors write works that are not simply about being queer, but are queer in their being. Queerness cannot be homogenised; it is unique, pervasive - it affects every open space and recess of an author’s writing. Wilt aims to explore this multiplicity.

Furthermore, literary journals remain separate from the public thought. An impassive detachment has pervaded the study of literature. Wilt understands that literature provides a space of solace and escape for queer people. Emotion cannot and should not be separated from its reception; how literature makes us feel is no less valid than the ways it makes us think. Wilt aims to take a holistic approach to the study of literature - focusing on the beauty of its creation, as opposed to the compassionless destruction that comes from high theory.

Containing new poetry, short fiction, reviews, commentary, essays, interviews and other less defined pieces of writing, submissions for the first issue are now open. Issues are created in both print and online formats.